Distributers and Traders of Hour of Glory


Brasco Games - Small web based boardgame stockist based in London, UK.

Leisure Games - Large retail store in North London and Trader at the big UK wargame shows.

MCS Miniatures - English South Coast supplier of Hour of Glory, paints and gaming aids.

Wargame Miniatures - Web-based wargames shop for wargamers by wargamers.

Wassail Games and Puzzles - They have a store at Cornish Market World and the web site is being built at the moment!


Scale Creep Miniatures - Our first US stockist of our Hour of Glory and supporting miniatures


E.Sniureviciaus individuali imone
Subaciaus 3-1a, 01127
Vilnius, Lithuania
Ph: +370 683 55951

Online Electronic Resources for Hour of Glory Downloads

Arima - Italian based host for pdf downloads. It has Italian and English language games.

Free Wargames Rules - Our free rules such as Killing Time are hosted here.

Saber's Edge - Host for Hour of Glory and Bunkerstorm downloads. Based in Canada.

Wargame Downloads - Host for Hour of Glory pdfs. Based in USA.

Wargame Vault - Our main source for Hour of Glory and Bunkerstorm downloads.

If you are interested in stocking our games and miniature ranges, please download our UK Trade Order Form or Euro Trade Order Form for our current prices and terms & conditions or email us.