Spy or Die Trying Total Doomsday Complete Collection

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This bundle contains the core game box as well as the 14 (unpainted) white metal miniatures of all the characters and minions you need to storm the secret base of the notorious ‘Claymore’. You will also receive 2 full colour player aids (while stocks last).

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Spy or Die Trying

Spy or Die Trying is the game of infiltration and espionage that pits secret agents against a ruthless megalomaniac. You have just 60 minutes to save (or enslave) the world.

Play as an agent of the Peace Enforcing Nations where you must infiltrate a secret S.W.O.R.D base, neutralize its security and steal vital intelligence. The fate of the world depends on you!

Or playing as a mastermind of the Secret World Order you must defend your base against P.E.N agents while your scientists complete a Doomsday Weapon. In 60 minutes the world will be yours!

Doomsday Miniature Set

Box set of 14 white metal 28mm scale miniatures for the Spy or Die Trying game.  Supplied with slotted plastic bases. Miniatures supplied unpainted.


  • Harry
  • Anna
  • Kim
  • Claymore
  • 2x Scientists
  • 2x Technicians
  • 6x Guards

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